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Situated in Tokoroa, New Zealand, a leading centre for forestry activity, Evans Engineering has grown to a medium size heavy engineering establishment in the

New Zealand manufacturing sector. Its reputation for service, a key element in the company, started in 1945 when Jack Evans opened a blacksmith shop – this service has continued throughout the company development.

During the 1950s Evans Engineering Company Limited was transformed into a general engineering company, with an emphasis on agricultural work.

As the company grew with the forestry expansion around it, Evans manufactured earth moving and logging equipment, then in 1980's started to specialize in logging transport.

In 2011 Evans won a major contract with Kiwi Rail to mount ExTe bolster systems to their existing carriages. This was a huge undertaking for Evans and not without its share of difficulties, however using previous knowledge and expertise, Evans was able to complete this contract one month ahead of schedule and to the highest standard of professionalism that we expect from our staff.

Today, Evans Engineering is a market leader in the design and production of trailer equipment, not only in New Zealand but also in export rich countries like Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa. The majority of Evans' work is in new logging trailers and associated truck equipment, the balance includes the following work:

    Trailers using high tensile steel and Evans' own unique design. First launched in 1986, the trailers provide greater strength and lighter tare weight.

    Upgrading old trailers with the latest technical innovations.

    Low bed, heavy haulage trailers and earth moving machinery.

    Designing and manufacturing specialized chassis and dollies for all types of road tankers.

    New Zealand representative for Vulcan onboard weighting scales, manufactured in USA.

    New Zealand representative for Swedish owned transport solutions specialist ExTe

The company's history of expansion and commitment to service would not have been possible without a dedicated and skilled workforce. Evans Engineering Company Limited is able to deliver what truck drivers and operators want – efficiency, quality and service. Its growth can be attributed to many factors, including commitment to customers, innovative approach to problem solving, continual product development and most importantly – satisfied customers.

The same attributes that have elevated Evans into the position it presently enjoys are still prevalent today and will help carry it well into future.


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